About Me

Hi, I’m Megan

I’m a runner
A personal trainer
A Pn1 Coach (sport & exercise nutrition)
A health and fitness expert
A wife
A friend
A mother
And your Online Fitness Coach!

Online Fitness Coach

It’s always an honour to play a part in changing a client’s life. To be able to guide a client and make positive changes to their health and fitness is a very powerful tool.

I, myself decided to change my life when I first started running around my backyard after giving birth to my first child.

It’s about starting somewhere!

I want to be that one that helps you start heading in the direction you want I love being outdoors and find that nature has a very powerful impact on our mental and physical health.

I want to help you find the thing that makes you smile, that makes you get up every day, that makes you feel strong and grounded.

My Approach 

Finding a way to balance every aspect of life is hard. Here’s where your coach comes in!

My approach is to keep it simple.

When we master the basics, its easier to build on. We then have scope & room to grow.

Tools for Success



Nutrition doesn’t have to be a ‘diet’.

We look at fuelling your body with what it needs and developing the right relationship with ALL

It’s not about the standard, you can have this but you can’t have this!




Exercise is about complimenting your nutrition.

It’s about moving a little everyday.

It’s about finding something you want to get up and do everyday.



Positivity breeds positivity.

How we think and see ourselves can aid us.

Focusing on what makes you happy, content, able to cope, completes the package.

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