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“In the end we only regret the changes we didn’t make”. 

What To Expect On The Program

Personalised Exercise Programs

Exercise is the one of the most beautiful ways to energise your mind & body. With my program you will find the joy in exercising whilst reaping all the benefits of feeling fitter and leaner.

Personalised Food Plans

We all know what we should & shouldn’t eat right! Being bombarded everyday by the media with new diets & fads makes it difficult. We’ll cut through all that and set you on the right path for life.

Daily Accountability

A major part of this program is our two way communication. With daily communication, you have all the accountability and support you will need.

My Approach

I don't have a one stop approach. My approach is to design a program that fits with each individual.

As an habitual exerciser I help you learn how to enjoy exercise to help achieve your goals.

Food should be enjoyed and used to fuel your body. This is how I approach the food element of your personalised program.

I Develop a Personalisd Plan That Works for You

Hello! I’m Megan


Qualified Personal Trainer

I have been a personal trainer for 5 years and I am passionate about helping people implement some long term, sustainable changes.

My program will help you embrace healthy eating, feel like you’re in control and develop a healthy relationship with ALL foods! That means not having to constantly go without!

Reset your focus and mindset to improve all aspects of your life!

This girl has changed my life! Anyone wanting to make a healthy change, Megan’s ya girl! I’ve never felt better!

Katie M

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